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INK London courses will not be easy! Some courses unfortunately are 99% ´handing out certificates´ and 1% ´education Whilst you will of course get a beautiful certificate to hang on your wall, you will only receive it once the educator is 100% satisfied that the course has been completed successfully. 

An INK London School certificate will really mean something – So…if you are passionate about nails and prepared to put the work in… hop on board the INK London School Plane and let´s see where we can take you!



Courses Available:

Professional iLac Gel Polish Manicure Diploma 

Professional iLac Gel Polish Conversion Course - Full Kit

Professional iLac Gel Polish Conversion -  Course Only 

Professional Acrylink L&P Diploma

Professional Acrylink L&P Conversion Course

Professional iJel Hard Gel Diploma

Professional iJel Hard Gel Conversion Course

E-File Proficiency Diploma

ADS - Acrylink Dipping System Diploma

AcryGel Diploma - Course Only



I.N.K London





Matt Martin Nails


Extreme Nail Artist Educator & Trade Counter for INK London

Also available 

Personalised Vinyl Signage available.


.Body Piercing..


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